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Cleaning Your Pets Accidents Traces off Your Carpets

Cleaning Your Pets Accidents Traces off Your CarpetsAs much as we love our dear pet friends we do pay some price for having them at home. By the time we train them to pee outside or at special places, accidents occur. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaners can save you time, worry and actually make you forget you had a problem at all. No matter whether it is a one-time accident of your fur pal or a massive spray in the living room, the carpet cleaner will take care of your needs and restore the carpet.

Animals concentrate a considerable amount of urine in a small area and that creates the problem.  Urine’s main ingredient is uric acid, but it also contains yellow pigment, enzymes and other chemicals. Urine leaves the body in a pure state without containing harmful bacteria but the uric acid starts changing upon leaving the body.  The warm acid state of the urine sets conditions for breeding bacteria. The urine begins to oxidize and react with the carpet creating a colour change as a result, which if not removed from the carpet immediately may become permanent. What you can do at home before the carpet cleaner arrives is to remove a fresh urine spot by applying warm water and blotting it with a clean white towel to absorb the moisture. Then apply small amounts of mild hand dish wash detergent and continue to absorb.

Afterwards, call a professional carpet cleaner. At Sprint Cleaning we use hot-water extraction method and Prochem products to tackle the hardest stains. Prochem Urine spotter and deodorizer helps to neutralise urine spots and odours on carpets. Although we do not give a hundred percent guarantee that the stain will come out, as many factors are involved-type of fabric and how long the stain has been there, we’ll definitely improve the look of the carpet and neutralise the odour.