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Cleaning Up Your Closet

Cleaning up your closet is one of the chores that need to be done at this time of the year, whether by you or your domestic cleaners, to prepare yourself for the coming season. An organised and clean closet will give you a clear idea of what you have at hand and what you may need to buy or replace. It is something we tend to postpone only to get back to us at the last minute and scream desperately for our attention.

Start by focusing on a particular section, shelf or drawer. Take each article of clothing out and fold it. Sort out jeans, dress pants, skirts, shirts, etc. You may choose to sort out things you are going to definitely throw away, things you may donate, out of season clothing that needs to be stored away and just organise neatly the rest. Prepare a laundry pile for warm clothes you may be just taking out for the winter and have stayed in the back of the closet for several months. To add some enjoyment to the process, turn on your favourite music while you are working hard.

Next, vacuum drawers, shelves and the floor of the closet and wipe it down. You can start putting all the clothes back in organised and specifically designated areas by type of clothing article. After folding up everything neatly and giving away worn out or out of use clothes, you will end up with a lot more spare room.