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Clean and Care for Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Clean and Care for Stainless Steel Kitchen AppliancesStainless steel appliances are attractive but they need regular cleaning in order to keep their sheen. All the stainless steel finishes may stain or discolour. Surface contamination and formation of deposits may reduce the life of the stainless steel. As a start use the handles of the stainless steel appliances in order to prevent fingerprints on the doors. Wipe away fresh smudges with stainless steel wipes. Clean regularly with stainless steel cleaner and polish.  The ones featuring a blend of oil and silicones for ultimate shine give best results. Spray the stainless steel cleaner and polisher onto the stainless steel surface of your appliances. Wipe with a microfiber cloth until the cleaner is completely rubbed into the surface. 

Make sure you are wiping in the direction of the natural metal grain so you can reach trapped dust and dirt. After cleaning remove any leftover residue from the surface with a soft dry cloth that will leave a sparkle on your stainless steel. Strong acid solutions should not be used to clean stainless steel. It could be washed with a damp soft cotton cloth with soap or a mild detergent and warmed water followed by a water rinse. For an enhanced appearance always wipe dry the cleaned surface.  Baby oil and a soft cloth is also an alternative that works well and removes fingerprints and smudges. Cleaning stainless steel appliances must be done cautiously by all means and do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if any.