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A Sprint Clean of Your Computer

When doing your house cleaning do not forget small details such as cleaning your computer. No matter what age we are, and how many long hours we have spent on the computer at work during the day, we use the one at home as well quite often. Keep it clean and tidy both for comfort and hygiene reasons. Regular cleaning is also needed for its proper functioning. Before starting the cleaning of the computer itself, ensure that your desk is clean of any mess, the computer is shut down and the power is switched-off.

For a monitor, cleaning use a soft, anti-static cloth and a special computer screen cleaner. Consult with your computer manual in order to determine the kind of screen, especially if it is one with an anti-glare coating as a household cleaner will be completely inappropriate. Spray the liquid cleaners on the cloth but not directly to the screen, always finishing off with a dry cloth. Commercial screen wipes are a good solution for general computer cleaning. Anti-static sprays are also an option. Before keyboard cleaning, unplug the keyboard. Then shake it upside down to take any settled in particles out. Wipe the keyboard with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipes for the accessible parts.

For the areas between the keys use cotton buds. For tough stains on the keyboard use commercial alcohol wipes. For drinks spills a simple wipe down with a damp cloth might be enough. For the main computer, unit cleaning is important to keep the vents clean to help the airflow as it is essential for its cooling effect. The main body can be wiped with a computer cleaning fluid or a damp soft cloth. Do not forget to wipe down the mouse with a disinfectant wipe to keep the germs away. Investing your time in cleaning your computer while you do the house cleaning is worth every single minute. If you don't have the time request that your domestic cleaners do it for you.