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Area Rugs Off-Site / Takeaway Cleaning Service 

Our professional off-site / takeaway rug cleaning is done to not only sanitize your rugs, but also to spare you the time of cleaning while leaving that to professional cleaning company and have your carpet back completely dry. Cleaning of your rugs and/or upholstery does not necessarily need to be done in your home. In fact, in many cases cleaning your carpets, rugs or upholstery is safer to be done away.

If you have natural wood flooring or laminate flooring the moisture left within the carpet from the regular carpet cleaning service may increase the wearing and color appearance of your flooring. Another disadvantage of the regular carpet cleaning is that during the 2 to 4 hours drying time, after the carpet has been cleaned, walking on the carpet is not recommended, as this will flatten the fibers of your freshly cleaned carpet, which will be much more resistant to the traffic when dry.

For your convenience Sprint Cleaning is glad to offer you to take advantage of our off-site professional rug cleaning service.
We can collect your rugs and/or upholstery and return them at a convenient time for you professionally cleaned, fully sanitized and entirely dry.

Working off-site gives us the opportunity to inspect the rugs in the convenience of our own specious premises, apply the most effective cleaning method and materials, and leave them to dry using dehumidifiers and air-movers.

Simply - Give It a Try! Let us Collect, Clean and Have it Dry!

Your Rug Collection

Collection of your rugs will be made at a convenient time for you. On collection, we will provide you with a Job Specification Sheet setting out your job reference number, the cost of the service, the date and the time at which the rug is to be returned and our contact details in case you need to re-arrange the initially agreed return schedule.

Your Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning off site gives us the possibility to carefully inspect the fabric of the rug, perform professional rug cleaning and make them look fabulous again. We will use professional carpet cleaning equipment as well as advanced drying machinery to optimize the quality of the rug cleaning and to ensure that the rug is perfectly dry. Most rugs are expensive and delicate and we will take extensive care and will use specialists’ treatment techniques for rug cleaning and stain removal to make sure that your rug is very well cleaned, sanitized and dry before we return it to you.

Rug Delivery

Your rug will be returned to you as specified during the cleaning service booking. The duration of the cleaning will depend on the size and type of the rug and our current availability and will be advised at the time of the booking. Our usual collection-to-delivery time is between 3-5 working days.

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